The Rebbe on the Holocaust

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One of the most painful events to strike the Jewish people in recent memory is the tragedy of the Holocaust, which decimated European Jewry in a show of appalling cruelty. Having narrowly escaped its horrors himself, the Rebbe was uniquely placed to offer comfort and guidance to those who survived with both faith and sensitivity.

  • Part I – Making Sense of the Senseless: The horrific suffering of the Holocaust, having seared into our collective conscience, has confronted many Jews with a crisis of faith. The Rebbe offers a unique approach, allowing us to affirm our faith in a kind and just G-d, while maintaining our empathy for the plight of the Holocaust victims.

    This paper addresses a range of issues. How does one maintain faith in G-d’s justice in light of such unfathomable horrors? Is this paradox surmountable for all, including those who do not fully subscribe to all dimensions of Torah scholarship? Is it appropriate to rationalize the plight of the Holocaust victims? Does our moral outrage preclude us from taking to heart the lessons these events offer?

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