Torah Talks – Shavuos Night Learning

Torah Talks  comprises four carefully crafted classes, each designed to give any community member the chance to teach a compelling and insightful twenty-five-minute lesson.

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Torah Talks includes four separate teacher’s manuals, which you can provide to four individual presenters:

From Palace to Purpose: The Fascinating Saga of Ruth
Learn about key turning points in the Book of Rus that exemplify the primary importance of tikun olam and fulfilling one’s purpose in life.

The Ethics of Physician-Assisted Dying
What does the Talmud say about physician-assisted suicide? Explore how the Torah doctrine of the Divine image intersects with the realities of medical ethics.

How to Buy Happiness
Why is it that so many people, despite having so much, are so unhappy? Discover Judaism’s practical solutions, which help us build positive emotions and resilience.

Appreciating Parents
The fifth commandment might seem like a no-brainer, but when applied to real-life dilemmas, respecting parents turns out to be less obvious than you thought.

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Four Presenter's Guides, Printable Student Handouts, Marketing Material