Chaf Cheshvan – Sparks of Wisdom Booklets

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Inspire your community for Chaf Cheshvan with JLI’s all-new installment of Sparks of Wisdom—”Reflections from the teachings of the Rebbe Rashab.” Sparks of Wisdom can be the centerpiece of interactive educational programming that requires little to no preparation. Organize a Sparks of Wisdom program as a special event, classes, farbrengens, at your Shabbos Kiddush, or any setting of your choice.

The booklet contains easily-understood, inspiring quotes that are great food for thought.

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Sparks of Wisdom is a new, social learning program wherein groups of participants read and discuss short, powerful Torah ideas. A neatly designed booklet contains ten self-explanatory texts and engaging questions to reflect upon and trigger discussion and dialogue.

The only cost to you is the printing and shipping ($1.25 per full-color booklet + shipping).

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