Kabbalah Unplugged: The Secret Power of Prayer

For over 3000 years, the mystic masters have tapped the deepest wellsprings of human potential. For eight weeks this winter, discover tools to elevate, enlighten, and heal, to change your destiny – as we probe mysteries of the Kabbalah to unleash the awesome power of Prayer.

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Lesson 1
Is Anyone Listening?
Know you are not alone.  How one prayer puts you in intimate contact with One who knows and cares.

Lesson 2
Jewish Meditation Made Simple
How you can use the spiritual secrets of mystical masters to make a difference in your life.

Lesson 3
Getting Intimate with the Infinite
Real talk is never easy.  We’ll show you how you can do it, and why it will feel right.

Lesson 4
Man Talk, Woman Talk, G-d Talk
One might be from Venus and the other from Mars, but prayer reveals the harmony of male/female energies.

Lesson 5
Joining with Others
Coordination is the secret in so much of life.  Find what it can mean in prayer.

Lesson 6
Old Words, New Light
Access the powerful currents that flow through the prayer book.  We will show you how.

Lesson 7
Jacob’s Ladder
Go even deeper into the daily prayers, and see how they map your way towards G-d.

Lesson 8
Bringing Blessings
How to close the circle and bring the high of prayer into every part of your life.