Shavuos – Sparks of Wisdom Booklets

$1.50 $1.25per full color booklet

This item will be released May 29, 2019.

Special for Shavuos: Sparks of Wisdom—a new social learning program—on the Aseres Hadibros. Ten powerful texts and quotes that pertain to the Aseres Hadibros that will provoke engaging discussion and dialogue.

1625 available for pre-ordering

In honor of Shavuos, JLI is offering Sparks of Wisdom on the Aseres Hadibros. Available to all shluchim, this booklet contains foundational quotes from and regarding each of the Aseres Hadibros alongside related discussion questions to trigger discussion.

This will make for a great Shavuos night program, one that can take up at ninety minutes of your program!

The only cost to you is the printing and shipping ($1.25 per full-color booklet + shipping).

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