Soul Power: Shedding New Light on Self and Relationships

For over 3000 years, Torah wisdom has illuminated a path to inner tranquility, personal growth and enriched relationships. For eight weeks this spring, join us as we explore a timeless road to living life at its fullest.

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Lesson 1
Introduction: The One and Only …You
Discover your unique gifts and talents and how to contribute to the world in a way that only you can.

Lesson 2
Looking In: Discovering Your Essential Self
Examine the essence of human nature to discover your own distinct character and plot a personal course for growth.

Lesson 3
The Joystick: Steering Positive Change
Learn how to access true happiness from within, enabling you to turn every experience into a springboard to new heights.

Lesson 4
The Heart of the Matter: Learning to Love
Is it really practical to love another as yourself? Through the prism of tradition, make this pillar of Jewish life a reality.

Lesson 5
Seeing the Good, Making a Difference
Explore a new perspective that will allow you to grow from difficult and challenging encounters.

Lesson 6
Peace on the Home Front: Building Healthy Family Relations
Understand the dynamics of your most important relationships to achieve the highest of Jewish goals – a truly happy and wholesome home.

Lesson 7
Lean on Me: Ideals in Friendship
What does it take to be a real friend? Apply enduring ideals of unconditional love, reliability and dependability to contemporary social life.

Lesson 8
Working Relationships: Personal Ethics, Global Responsibility
Torah offers a time-tested approach to personal integrity and the skills to build a truly peaceful society. Become a “Light unto the World”!