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Bring a historic Torah to your Chabad House for an Inspirational Shabbos or weekday workshop.

Bring a historic Torah to your Chabad House for an Inspirational Shabbos or weekday workshop.
The Kristallnacht Torah was saved from the fires of Kristaalnacht 68 years ago by a 14 year old boy. It is now connecting Jews across the world by visiting and inspiring another community each week.
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    It was truly a meaningful and uplifting experience to have the Hakel Torah join us in Los Altos. Many of our congregants and participants were so happy to see and touch first hand the Torah that survived the war and continues to be a beacon of light for so many around the world. Many of our younger participants have questions about how the Torah was hidden and whether Isaac is still alive today. I have no doubt the experience will last with many of the others for a while. For me personally it was truly special to “hear the sounds” from before the war, the night of Kristalnacht and the impact its having today

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    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to house the Historic Torah that was saved from Kristelnacht from Hamburg Germany. It gave so much to our Shul and community. The highlight was sharing a very moving, inspirational, and emotional Yizkor Speech, with the Torah as its centerpiece

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    The Hakhel Torah made a powerful impression on the West Bloomfield Bais Chabad community.
    On Shabbos, during Hagbah, the Torah was opened, held up high and carried around for the entire congregation to see. The aged, holy, parchment was a reminder to everyone of Jewish heroism, perseverance and the unbreakable nature of the Jewish people and their beloved Torah. On Sunday, The Torah was an honored guest during the dedication celebration of a brand new Torah, which was dedicated to the memory of Holocaust survivors making for a beautiful connection between the old, historic Torah and the brand new Torah.

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