The JLI Gratitude Seminar: Waking Up To Life

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A 90 minute seminar to inspire gratitude and thankfulness. Guaranteed to change the way you wake up.

Gratitude Seminar Student Packet

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This 90-minute seminar focuses on the importance of being thankful to increased happiness.

Participants are empowered with practical tools to recognize the presence of the Divine in their daily lives and lead a life infused with positivity and happiness.

Waking Up to Life teaches a universal message which is appropriate for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The brightly colored take home packet includes a folder, student workbook, bedside Modeh Ani card, and CD to encourage continued learning and positive thinking.

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Marketing Materials, PowerPoint & Lesson Video, Teacher's Manual

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2 reviews for The JLI Gratitude Seminar: Waking Up To Life

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    The Gratitude seminar raised the bar at our Chabad house. The course brought together 18 people in…even Missoula Montana. This has, so far, been our largest group for to a Torah class. Everyone really enjoyed it, from the 18 year old to the 80 year old and as one woman wrote to me the next morning “Berry, Thank you for last night’s class. I woke up happier. Truly Mrs……”.

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    A Real Hit! Not difficult to prepare nor teach, a popular topic people relate-to, and something that leads to a real Poel Mamash. Neat mix of Torah and (lehavdil) Positive Psychology that people loved. For more advanced crowds, we’d suggest adding some deeper ideas about Modeh Ani for Chassidus not included in the curriculum.

    We had success partnering with the local JCC and we have already been asked to run it again.

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