Judaism: The Soundtrack

An Evening of Chasidic Song and the Soul Stories it Tells

Beyond its soulful sound, the Chassidic nigun, or melody, provides a language for the spiritual side of life. From yearning lows to sudden highs, hopeful bridges to striving refrains, experience the journey of a Jewish soul in its own words.

Join us for Judaism: The Soundtrack—an evening of immersive musical experience, featuring Chasidic melodies, fascinating narratives, and motivational messages—woven together into an enjoyable musical introduction to the transformative voice of your very own soul.

Judaism: The Soundtrack - PLAYBILL

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In this immersive musical evening, discover the soul story told by seven nigunim, Chassidic tunes, of various genres which reflect the journeys we each take through life. Visuals, media, and song will work in harmony with Chassidic wisdom to create a spectacular show/display that will touch the heartstrings and elevate the spirit. As you listen to the music and experience the depth of Chassidic melody, allow your emotions to be empowered and uplifted, to soar.

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